Monday, January 18, 2016

White Star - Dragon Cow (Creature - StarSlinger Setting)

David Revoy - CC BY 4.0
Ah, the Dragon Cow. A single beast can keep a dozen families in milk and cheese for a year. A small herd can do the same for a town. Amazing creatures, subject to neither heat nor cold nor the deprivations of space, it has been found that the best milking of such is in a low gravity environment. Thus the cattle drive to low orbit satellite milking stations. Best to keep a close eye on the cattle drive, as strays are often snagged by rustlers and quickly sold for the meat they can provide.

The female of the species is generally docile. The adult male is as aggressive as a space savage on steroids. They've been known to knock small ships out of orbit and have destroyed many a town that couldn't keep them in check.

Dragon Cow
Armor Class: 5 [14] Male 3 [16]
Hit Dice: 5 / Male 7
Attacks: Bite 1d6 / Male Bite 2d6
Special: Flatulence - Once per day may pass a gaseous cloud on a 30' diameter. All within the cloud must Save or suffer -2 on attacks. Could lasts 10 + 1d6 rounds.
Move: 18 / Fly 24
HDE/XP: 6/300 Male 7/400

(for White Box, leave out the low gravity space station stuff ;)


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