Wednesday, January 20, 2016

White Star / StarSlinger - Kyn Vitmann (NPC - Scoundral Class) - The Bloody Leech (Gambling Hall)

Kyn Vitmann, alternately know as "The Vit" came to Eastwood shortly after the town was founded nearly 20 years ago. A con man by nature and a Scoundrel by trade, he worked the angles for 10 years, both on planet and the orbital stations above. It was at that point he hit it big.

It wasn't a low stakes poker game, nor even a high stakes game. It was a game Kyn had literally staked not only his own life, but that of his kin (assuming he had any, but Kyn swore he did and had signed statements from said kin agreeing to put their lives up in the betting pool). Death would not have been quick, as the Atotyl (alien race to be worked on later) his poker hand was up against fed on blood, and those they fed on most often lasted for weeks. Kyn was a large man - he may have wasted away for months.

Kyn was feeling lucky, and as luck would have it (and the literal Ace up his sleeve that none saw him  palm) his hand was the winning hand. Thus he won The Bloody Leech. Gambling hall, bar and occasional bordello, it was a profit making machine without Kyn's usual manipulations. With his manipulations, it is both a money machine and a money pit. Still, he's practically an honest business man these days with a side business in that which is less than honest.

The Bloody Leech is never without excitement and an inquisitive person with the right reputation may find employment offered, jobs big and small. On the books and off to the side. On planet or elsewhere in the vast. Just make sure you get a retainer up front or you might get stuck with empty pockets in the end.

Kyn Vitmann

Strength        11
Intelligence  14
Wisdom        11
Dexterity      14
Constitution 12
Charisma     15

Armor - Usually None
Weapon - Pocket Laser Pistol (2 shot)



  1. I have no idea what this could be about...

  2. Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Or its satire.


  3. I think this parody is far too generous, as the NPC doesn't sound like a total failure and utter waste of carbon. Also, his INT, WIS, and CHA are in the double digits.


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