Sunday, January 17, 2016

White Star - StarSlinger (Cinematic Pulp Western Sci-Fi Setting)

So, after last night's White Star session wrapped up, +James Spahn and I continued the G+ Hangout for another 2 hours or so. We talked about White Box, White Star, the hobby, current events - the usual crap when you are playing catch up with a good friend.

At one point, James finally said:

"I know what your doing."

"What am I doing, James?"

"All these classes you've been writing for White Star. You're working on a Cinematic Pulp Western Sci-fi setting."

I sat in silence, not knowing what to say, because James was right, of course. It's exactly what I was doing without even realizing it.

Thus was born StarSlinger.

Bootlegging, smuggling, cattle rustling, prospecting and all the other boons and ills of a frontier world.

Figure 6 classes, overall world write up, a regional write up with a town or two detailed, a mine mapped out, an adventure, a page or two of plot hooks and rumors that the DM decides if they are true or not, equipment list, lists of miracles for the 2 priestly classes and more as it comes to me.

I'll work it out real time on the blog (so you get to see revisions, brainstorming and the like), send 4 page 1 sheets in PDF as they get completed to my Patreon backers ( aiming for 2 a month, but might only be 1 a month through March) and and printed 4 page 1 sheets to the higher backers in batches of 2 to 4 sheets (hopefully once a month more or less) Completed project would go up on RPGNow in Print / POD with art. I'm guessing 28-40 pages before it's over.

I scratched out random thoughts after I logged off from James and now I need to plot some stuff out. Oh, and need to work on the Star Crusader (warrior-like priestly class) If I'm lucky it may get done tonight.


  1. No one ever listens to me. :(


  2. Holy crap... James executed a Star Knight Mind Trick!

  3. Well I guess I can stop the secret development of that western sci-fi setting vi was making

  4. Wandering Whitestar

  5. Nice. Sounds like a lot of fun to be honest.

  6. BTW. Dibs on a character named Maurice.


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