Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Closer Look at the Gygax Memorial Fund - Looking for Questions to Ask Gail Gygax in Regards

Gail Gygax has taken an interest in my previous post (you can read her comments over at Facebook.) I told her I'd have questions to ask her about the Gygax Memorial Fund. She stated she's "looking forward" to the post in question.

So, I'm throwing a net far and wide in search of questions to ask Gail Gygax with the intention of posting / asking on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

Simple rule - the questions must pertain to the Gygax Memorial Fund. Questions about trademarks, family, Gygax magazine and TSR, Gary's old properties like Lejendary Adventures and Castles & Crusades work that he did and wasn't released and the like are for another day.

Keep your questions to the topic at hand - the Gygax Memorial Fund.

Alright - lets get 'er done!


  1. 1) What is the current asset total of the Memorial Fund?
    2) What, if any, legal expenses have been incurred by the fund?
    3) What is the current state of the project. It had been announced as "ready to move ahead quite some time ago"?
    4) What is the current list of the Web and Publicity teams (as at least one listed person has stated no official linkage to the project)?
    5) How much money has the Memorial Fund spent on things not directly relating to the creation of the memorial (salaries, litigation, auto expenses, etc)?
    6) What is the hard-line number needed to make the monument a reality?
    6b) How far is the fund from achieving that number?

    I'm sure I'll have others that spring to mind but this is my starting point.

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  4. 1. Where are the official filings for all years from 2012 to present.
    2. Will there be a statue or is there more planned? if more is planned what is the cost and timeline associated with that additional work.

    3. Who is contracted at this time to designing and creating of the monument? Examples of past works? Website or URL?

    4. What are the total number of contributors to the fund aggregated over time since inception to current. Year by year growth or decline?

    5. Who, if any, will be replacing the Gygax brothers on the Board as it pertains to the memorial work (If this is out of scope feel free to ignore).

    6. Who is running the Project, what is their experience and ability to produce results?

    1. 1 - 2012 is on the funds website. I have a copy of 2013. 2014 may have been filled as late as Nov 15th of this year.

      3 - I have a picture of the Fonzie statue on the previous post. It list the artist that is contracted to do the memorial

      5 - the brothers weren't on the board of the fund as far as I can tell

    2. At one time Tenkar, Luke Gygax was on the board in the beginning. He resigned because he was going back into a military deployment I believe.

  5. Do you have a link to where she commented on Facebook? Nothing on her page about it.

  6. it was on my post this morning, which was mirrored on the Facebook side

    1. try this: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10207640195901243&id=1181830933

    2. Evidently it's either been deleted, or I don't have the right people friended.

  7. Send me your e-mail and I will give you some very specific questions

  8. Since there seems to be a struggle getting the statue done, has there been any consideration to using funds already on hand to create a more modest one?

  9. Who are Mike and Diane Curtis and what relation do they have to gaming since they have replaced the other original directors (including James M Ward)?

    While 5 hours a week, as reported on the tax returns, may not seem like much, time, that is still 260 hours a year or 6.5 full work weeks. In that time per year, what HAS been accomplished versus what has not?

    1. The answer to the first question can be found here--both Mike and Diane have listed bios.


  10. Why did Gail feel it was in her right to take the monument and Gygax Family Memorial way from Garys Children?!?


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