Sunday, November 22, 2015

"12 Days of OSR Christmas 2016" Recruitment of Gifters (and some changes from last year)

Alright, we are now officially in The Week of Thanksgiving (US) which means the annual 12 Days of OSR Christmas will be sneaking up before you know it. For those that are gifting and those that are hoping to score a gift or two, things are being changed up ever so slightly.

Where possible, if the gifter has a blog, website or forum that allows comments, the actual "gifting" will take place at the gifter's site. Here's what I mean:

  • OSR John Smith, and OSR publisher, wants to donate 1 print copy and 2 PDF copies of his latest release, OSR Beasts & Bellies
  • OSR John Smith lets me know what he wants to donate, either as a comment on this post and / or as an email to tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom
  • I'll compile at list of gifters and the gifts they want to gift and work out a schedule for the gift posts
  • Gifts and their respective gifters will be posted here at The Tavern and those hoping to score a gift will be directed to the gifter's blog, website or forum to make their comments there
  • Closing date and time for comments will be announced at The Tavern and the gifter's website
  • This should help generate some traffic for the gifter's website and get some fresh eyes on different sites
  • The current gift giving site / sites will be listed in the sidebar on the right side of this page
  • It should also keep me a bit saner with my current work hours. Hell, it will keep me saner no matter what my work hours might be ;)
  • Gift receivers would be announced at The Tavern and at the gifting site. The gifting site would be responsible for awarding their prizes
  • Some days may have more that one gift giver
I plan on gifting some RPGNow gift certificates and a small amount of print items (print will be US only as shipping outside the states probably costs more than the gifts.  Physical gifts will include an 8 GB Remix Mini as well as a slightly water damaged in transit Swords & Wizardry White Box Hard Cover.

Hoping to Kick things off next week :)


  1. I offer up a full set of Crawling Under a Broken Moon PDFs, issues 1-10 + UX01.

  2. Put me down for the following:
    Class Compendium (hardcover)
    White Star core book (hardcover)
    White Star soft cover (x2, softcover)
    White Box Omnibus (hardcover)
    White Box Omnibus (x2, softcover)
    All are U.S. only shipping.

  3. count me in for 2 each of the following PDFs:

  4. I'll throw in a full set of the Adventures Dark and Deep core rulebooks, in softcover.

  5. I believe we have 7 gifters already :)

  6. I will gift one PDF of receiver's choice from the Precis Intermedia catalog (Lords of Olympus, Shatterzone, Two-Fisted Tales, Hardnova, Coyote Trail, Story Engine Plus, Treasure Awaits!, etc.).

  7. Count me in again with two sets of Dyson's Delves I & II in print, shipped anywhere.

  8. we are now at 9 gifters. damn! that was quick :)

    I'll post an update with links to everyone that is currently gifting tomorrow or tuesday.

    I'm thinking posts go up on Monday and Wednesday, gifts get chosen on Friday and Sunday (approximately 4 days for folks to comment and enter) Run it for 6 weeks. Possible kick off this Wednesday or next Monday. Or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday, Sunday to do it in 4 weeks.

    Yes, this is me thinking out loud...

  9. Count me in for 12 Creature Compendiums in print; if possible, I'd like to give 1 copy away each day; 10 the 12 will be open to US recipients only, 1 of which will be open to Canadian residents only; and the final copy will be open to any location in the world except the US or Canada. Each print recipient will get a PDF copy as well.

    Additionally, I'll like to do 1 PDF per day of the Basic Psionics Handbook (recipients to be selected separately from Creature Compendium recipients).

    1. Essentially, I see making 2 posts each day for commenters... 1 for Creature Compendium and 1 for Basic Psionics Handbook. Each will be open for 24 hours, offset by 12 hours (e.g., Creature Compendium comments will be open from 6am EST to 6am EST the next day, and Psionics comments will be open from 6pm EST to 6pm EST the next day).

    2. Rich, you are insane in a lovely way ;)

  10. Are gifts limited to the OSR? For instance, what if I wanted to give away a copy of the Cypher System Rule Book?

    1. Mark, all are welcome. We even have some fiction in the mix.

    2. Awesome. Then I'll donate a brand new physical copy of the Cypher System Rule Book.

  11. I don't know how any of this is going to work but I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone donating for this.

    1. Jon, we've done this for the last few years. At some point it will actually be manageable ;)

      The community that frequents The Tavern is about as generous as it gets.

  12. I will contribute three copies + pdf of the zine RND, shipped anywhere in the world.

  13. I'll offer 1 complete set of Crawl!, printed+PDF.
    2 complete sets of Crawl!, PDF editions.
    3 single copies of anything in print.
    4 copies of no.11.
    5+ copies of Dungeon Crawl Basics (proof of concept/beta/not final print copies, and free copies of the final edition when finished.)


    Thanks for doing this every year, Tenkar!!!

  14. I'll throw in a hardback copy of the Castles & Crusades PHB, 6th ed and a $15 RPGNow gift certificate.

    1. To clarify, it's the 6th printing of the PHB.

  15. I have a spare, unused 5e Monster Manual I'll gift (if 5e stuff is accepted).

  16. I will add the following to the list:

    1x Art's Polyhedral Dice Super Font Bundle
    1x Set of all 5 of my Classic Dungeon Tiles PDFs


  17. I'll be contributing some hard copies this year. I just need to get back into my house (currrently under remodel) and count the inventory. Stay tuned...

  18. Not sure if this is wanted, as I don't have a personal blog or website for redistribution purposes, but I have a stack of OSR products in mostly brand new condition that I'd love to pass on to someone else who can use them (doubles or grab bag material). Let me know if this is something you'd be willing to work with and I'll list them. I'm happy to deal with shipping.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. OK, I'm going to offer up both print (US only) and pdf of my 3 DCC adventures: Attack of the Frawgs (new 2015 edition), Haunting of Larvik Island, and Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman.

    I've created a blog page on my site to promote:

    Happy Christmas.


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