Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kickstarter - Frog God Games' Borderland Provinces Kickstarter kicks off on October 15th - Pricing May Surprise Some Folks

I just awoke from a 4 hour nap (as apposed to my 4 hours of sleep this morning) to an email from +Matt Finch explaining some of the details and pricing for the forthcoming Borderland Provinces Kickstarter from Frog God Games.

The basic buy in price point is 12 bucks in PDF. Let that sink in for a bit.

Hardcover with GM extras is $35 with poster map (and PDFs)

Heh ;)

Here's what Matt sent me:
We're planning on launching the Borderland Provinces Kickstarter for the core region of the Lost Lands campaign on October 15, 2 days from now. Many people have asked about pricing: the answer may be a very nice surprise: 
(1) The Basic Campaign Price is $12  
Yes, you did read that right. You can start a Borderland Provinces campaign on a $12 budget if your goal is just to have basic information about what's around Rappan Athuk and the other major locations. By getting the pdf Player Guide and Gazeteer, which comes with a pdf of the poster map, you're all set for that type of bare-bones campaign if you're a DIY game master who doesn't plan on using encounter tables, secret GM information, lairs, etc. The Player Gazeteer gives basic descriptions of the map locations, enough to work with if you're a build-it-yourself Game Master. And since the campaign also comes with a free adventure, Rogues in Remballo, you have a pretty complete set of resources to work with. 
(2) The "Core" Campaign Hardcover + Map + PDF is $35  
A library-quality hardcover of the GM campaign book is only $35 plus shipping, and it comes with the poster map of the region (and free PDFs). This contains all the information we mentioned that's not in the Player Gazeteer. Also available just in pdf, of course. 
(3) Additional Resources (make-your-own "resource kit")  
An extensive pick-and-choose set of additional resources is where the Kickstarter gets fun, and where you can assemble whatever additional elements you want to supplement your core book, creating an extended "kit" tailored to the way you run your games. The main one is a hardcover book of seven brand-new, full-length adventures, called "Adventures in the Borderland Provinces," which gives you an instant starting point for general campaigning. Plus, there's the above-mentioned Player Gazeteer, a Player Guide, a book we call the "Journey Generator," and lots more. None of these are necessary for play, but all are excellent supplemental resources to add.
I'm very interested in seeing how this all works out


  1. Good to see they're revisiting their pricing structure.

  2. Glad it's going to me a smaller, more manageable product....800+ page tomes are amazing but practical value is limited (ironically).

    I'll cross my fingers and hope there's a 5E version I can support.

    1. Indeed, there is a 5e version. The "core" campaign hardcover and adventure book are both in 5e, Pf, and S&W. The basic campaign and other resources are system-neutral. "Rogues in Remballo" will be available to KS backers first and then available to all as a free pdf. The adventure will also be available for print within the campaign hardcover.

    2. Well I'm in then!!!! Just have to wait for the Kickstarter to....kick off....

      (I'd probably have gotten this in S&WC format if it wasn't out for 5E, too, to be fair)

    3. Be on the lookout for it sometime tomorrow morning.


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