Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tenkar's Tavern is Sponsoring Trinity I at NTRPG Con 2016 for OSR Bloggers and Podcasters

See the Trinity Ballroom? Lower left corner is Trinity I.

That will be Ground Zero for the OSR Blogging and Podcasting Communities at NTRPG Con. I'm happy to give back to Doug and Mike as best I can while giving bloggers and podcasters a place to call their own. Besides, the beer is sold just outside the door to Trinity 1 ;)

We will have 2 vendor tables (which I expect will have business cards, flyers, bumper stickers - whatever) and 1 gaming table to schedule gaming around. I'm expecting some planned slots, some open slots.

Need a corner that's away from the crowds? One of the vendor tables can be set up for podcasting.

Still need to work out the details, but we do have a room...

(edit - if +Richard LeBlanc has the same table as last year in the main ballroom, i can knock on the wall between us in morse code and send messages ;)


  1. I'll bring a glass to listen at the wall.

  2. You actually have two game tables as well a vendor table arranged however you want. One gaming table is open for whatever you want; the other is scheduled by the con, but you get to pick the game. Want Tim Kask in the morning and Michael Curtis in the evening? Done. And you can be running Bunnies & Burrows, Warhammer or Battletech at the other. No excuse for you not to run a game here this year, Erik! And maybe we can finally get Save or Die or RFI out there for a live broadcast.

  3. Something to consider: it might be nice to see if you can run a small KS or IGG to bring some other bloggers to the con---folks who wouldn't otherwise have been able to attend.



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