Friday, October 16, 2015

Bundle of Holding - The Strange and The One Ring

I've been remiss in checking out the recent Bundle of Holding offerings. I'm trying to rectify that now ;)

The One Ring has just over 3 days left to go. For 15 bucks you get The One Ring Roleplaying Game and the Loremaster's Screen and Lake-Town Guide. For 32 bucks you get to add in The Darkening of Mirkwood, The Heart of the Wild, Rivendell and Tales From Wilderland. Rivendell even has our very own +James Spahn as a contributor.

The Strange just hit the Bundle of Holding (It's got 10 days left to go.) For 10 bucks you get The Strange, The Strange Player's Guide, In Translation: The Strange Character Options and Swordbreakers. For under 21 bucks you get to add in Worlds Numberless and Strange, The Strange Bestiary, The Strange GM Screen, The Dark Spiral, Eschatology Code, The Estate Dossiers and When Worlds Collide.

I literally have nothing of either game, but I've heard good stuff about each. Actually, I've heard more about The Strange than it's older sibling, Numenera. Hopefully I don't have to get someone to clean up The Strange PDFs like I did Numenera (it was pretty much unreadable for me.)

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I've been looking at One Ring for a while now, but now I have a good excuse to pick it up.


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