Friday, October 16, 2015

Kickstarter - The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces (S&W, Pathfinder and 5e)

I've never had a bad thing to say about a Frog God Games Kickstarter. You always get value for your money (even if the buy in is typically higher than many gaming products) and they are generally on time or damn close to it. Traditionally, Frog God has offered it's Kickstarter releases in Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder flavors, but recently they've added 5e to the mix.

The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces is Frog God's latest Kickstarter, and it's the setting for which it's other releases take place in. Better yet, you can get the setting in typical Frog God high quality hard cover print for $35 plus shipping (that includes the PDF.)

How can they do it at $35? The setting book is separate from the adventures book, which is another $35 if you want it. Keeping them as separate products allows one to only pay for what they need.

There are other add ons for the completists among us, but $35 for the Borderland Providences setting book in hard cover and PDF is damn exciting.
The central part of the Kickstarter is the Core Campaign Book for the Borderland Provinces, a complete guide for running campaigns here. There are also several additional resources that can be added to the campaign book to assemble an extended kit for sandbox adventuring and traveling through the wild and tumultuous realm of the Borderland Provinces. The main campaign book contains rich descriptions of countries, cities (some with individual maps), encounter tables for road and airborne travel, several individual lairs, historical background of the area, and much more. The Adventure Book provides a set of stand-alone adventures much larger than the lairs in the campaign book, and the Journey Generator is a resource for GMing free-form traveling adventures on the stone high-roads left behind by the ancient Hyperboreans. You can pick and choose what kinds of resources you want, and put together the kit you need for your particular kind of game. 
And that's not all! There are two player books to introduce the campaign to players in different ways, including a copy of the poster map (don't worry -- the secret locations aren't shown on it). Plus, there's a free first-level adventure module, Rogues in Remballo, to let you get started right away!
I'm in at $95 for the Complete GM book set, but then again, I am a completist ;)


  1. At the rate it's going, this Kickstarter could challenge Rappan Athuk.

  2. I am completely torn on this. I want it but it will mean not buying edge of the empire this month...

    1. If it is budget issue, the $12 Player's Guide and Gazetteer pdfs with regional map is good deal OR just pledge $1 to get later access to the BackerKit which will have all of the products at the same prices.

  3. My poor wallet.

    First world problems I guess?

  4. Which rules set are you planning on getting?

    1. I'll be going with Swords & Wizardry. 5E isnt a bad system, but I don't intend to run it (as a player, maybe)

  5. I jumped in at the $95 level as well for a 5E version. Frogs should just offer us all a subscription option or something...I keep buying their stuff....


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