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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tenkar's Tavern Zazzle Store is Live - Grab a Tankard :)

The Tenkar's Tavern Zazzle Store is live - sorta. I think we have mugs and tankards and maybe a mousepad thus far. You may need to use the direct link on the right for the first day or so.

I'm looking forward to getting +Jim Magnusson 's art on a few items, but +Eric Quigley 's is amazing. I want the travel mug in stainless steel. I will have to wait it seems :(


  1. I love coffee mugs and tankards. I think having a "Tenkar's Tavern" mug would be a cool addition to my collection.

    Even if I never drink out of it I am certain it would be great for dice!

    1. Which has me thinking...why don't we have an "official" Tenkar's Tavern supplement for OSR games? It could include maps, a bit of history and readers can submit an NPC to help populate the regular clientele.

    2. That's just too good an idea to pass up :)

    3. Of course a short adventure. "A Murder at Tenkar's" sounds about right. Characters would have to interview all those NPC in a D&D whodunit.


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