Saturday, April 4, 2015

Far & Away Podcast - Episode #2 Records Tomorrow - Post Your Far Away Land Questions

Yes, I know tomorrow is Easter Sunday. That is why we moved the live recording up an hour to 12 noon Eastern. So you can listen live on G+ Hangouts while you get ready for Easter Dinner ;)

Anyhow, as always, the Far & Away podcast is listener driven. Sure, there is plenty of interesting stuff we have planned to talk about, but in all honesty, we'd rather be answering you're inquiries.

So, if you have something you'd like to ask of Dirk, Vince or myself that is Far Away Land related, ask it here and we will try to address it in tomorrow's show.


  1. My question is this... What does FAL have to offer to someone like myself who may not be sold on the irreverent and colorful style of the game? Can I still enjoy running it as is and if not, how can I be converted?

  2. You mentioned running a superhero game with the system? Have you considered expanded / modular additions for various genres such as superheroes, scifi, etc.?

  3. Dirk do you plan to write an adventure with pirates, treasures and hidden dens full of traps ?

  4. Did some booms survived the war or are they all dead ?

  5. Thank you Erik for asking my questions during the show ! ^^


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