Friday, April 3, 2015

PWYW - Far Away Land Adventures: Dastardly Dungeon of Doom

Curious about Far Away Land but are more comfortable with dungeon crawls?

Have Far Away Land and want to see how deadly it can be?

Simply want a well written adventure for "no money down?"

The Dastardly Dungeon of Doom is your gaming destination :)
Subterranean horrors wait around every corner as your party attempts to navigate and survive a dungeon crafted by a mad dwarf genius. Traps that maim, maul, and murder fill the halls and rooms of this labyrinthine lair of last breaths. Darkness. Dread. Death...
Pull up a chair and watch your players - er, I mean their characters - fight for their lives.

(and no, i'm not "that" mad dwarf genius ;)

Remember, the Far & Away podcast records live this Sunday

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