Friday, April 3, 2015

What do You Look for in an RPG Podcast?

What do you look for in an RPG Podcast?

I ask this now, before we finalize the format for the upcoming podcast.

Do you like thematic episodes, recurring features or a combination of the two?

What I'd be interested in seeing would be something along the following lines: OD&D and it's related clones discussed in one episode, campaign building in another, RuneQuest in it's various incarnations in yet another and perhaps review some OSR adventures in another episode still. A broad and deep podcast that isn't attached to a single edition or even game system.

Remember, these would be 30 minute or less episodes, so there is a practical limit to what will fit the format.

Let us know what you think.


  1. Short and to the point. Lack of a superiority complex. No masturbation, I don't care how great your group" is. Pick a topic and stick to it.

    1. No 15 minutes stories about smuggling the emperor's dagger past customs in my anus and my use of leet forgery skills? You set some very high standards.

  2. Have you listened to Drink Spin Run yet, Erik? Donn Stroud & I thought long and hard about what we wanted in an RPG podcast and made it. We ended up with an RPG talk show that feels like a conversation between you and your buddies about different topics in the RPG field. Check it out if you haven't already; http://www.drinkspinrun.com

  3. What Moe said.

    Oh, and what Moe said.

    Like I say regularly, if you can't edit it down to 30 minutes, then you need a better editor.

  4. I actually don't mind stories of what characters have done, as long as its entertaining and on point. What does get aggrivating is people talking about bow awesome their group is or their GM is, especially when it happens nearly every podcast.

    If you want people to know how awesome your group is, let them know with demonstrable examples. For God's sake don't imply that you are some kind of elite group better than "average" gamers.

  5. I want one that I don't have to be embarrassed about listening to when my wife walks in!

    Your themes idea seems good. If by sticking to a topic you find there's not enough content on time, don't be afraid to edit it down so it's really short.

    (Oh, and the advice in the other comments seem spot on).

  6. I want one called....the Mind Tempest. Yeah, the Mind Tempest. It would be a single themed podcast designed to help the GM that doesn't have enough time to plan great sessions.

    That would be awesome.

  7. Have to say that Drink Spin Run is the podcast I look most forward to. I like the format of the set beginning, which doesn't even need to be much about gaming (drinking, spinning, reading, running) leading into the guest or guests talking about some topic.

    I think guests are key,mbut don't know if that fits into a 30 minute format. You can read reviews, or DM tips, and maybe get more than you could by listening to the hosts talk, but the back and forth with interesting guests is something that works better in audio or video than text.

  8. I really enjoyed the system neutrality of the Brain Storm as well as the 30 minute blocks. Agreeing here as well that a talk show format like DSR is nice for my longer drives. James and Sam at the Tome Show are doing a bit called Bonus Action where they take rules and break them down in depth for 15 minutes (in their case 5e but it could be any system) which is cool as there are some mechanics in games that I read or hear about that I do not understand. Reviews of stuff that has come out in the past week would be cool as I will download tons of stuff but don't always get to read everything. Maybe in depth reviews of 'essential' works or popular new works. I'll listen to anything at least once!

  9. I look for good sound editing that balances the inputs of all mics so that I can hear all participants without straining or being deafened. Without that I don't listen.


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