Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kickstarter - Car Wars Classic Arenas (Steve Jackson Games)

Car Wars.

I started with the pocket sizes rules and a few of the supplements before moving onto the boxed set. Fun times and fun stuff, but probably not a good fit for the picnic table in the backyard on a windy day ;)

I still have my boxed set.

I'm getting both the boxed classic Car Wars rules and the Arena Box - $40 plus shipping is a steal for the fun within.

I want to see a proper computer version of this. Turn based, just like the original. A man can hope, can't he?


  1. I'm curious to see what gets included - from what I can see, I already have all of these maps, and yes, I still have the ones I hand-drew from smaller versions. I'm tempted but until it's something I don't already have, for a game I never get to play anymore . . . I might pass. But SJG makes very, very good stuff.

  2. I'd rather see them just reissue the original stuff. I've neither seen nor played Car Wars but it sounds like fun.

  3. I had friends in class that lived and breathed it. I was a DND kid. But....Steve Jackson games is doing a kickstarter. I am a SJG fan but....really? A kickstarter?

  4. They did a kickstarter for Ogre Deluxe Edtion nearly reaching $1 million. They promised to work on Car Wars during the Ogre Kickstarter. Car Wars Classic (which sold out its first print run) and this are result so far. At some point I think we'll see a Car Wars Designer edition similar to Ogre - larger scale cars, perhaps minis, game board quality arenas and roads, etc


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