Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Silent Legions Art Pack has been released for Free to the Public for Personal and Commercial Use

+Kevin Crawford , the man behind Sine Nomine Publishing and perhaps best known for Stars Without Number, has released the art pack from his most recent Kickstarter - Silent Legions - into the hands of the public.
The Silent Legions Art Pack is a free collection of 56 black-and-white line images and one color cover first used in the Silent Legions Lovecraftian horror RPG. As part of the successful Kickstarter campaign, I arranged to buy full rights to the art from the original artists, allowing me to release it for free personal and commercial use by other publishers. 
You are welcome to use these images for your own creation, whether for personal use or commercial products. As a matter of courtesy, I ask that you credit the original artists for their fine work.
There you have it. Kevin has put more quality, affordable art in the hands of other publishers than the rest of the OSR combined as far as I can tell. Kev, I tip my hat to you.


  1. Kevin continues to be an absolute class act. Thanks, Kev.

  2. Very, very cool. Thanks for giving me the heads up!

  3. He's let a lot of "his" art go this route. I plan on re-using some of it eventually.


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