Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wayward Kickstarter - Pencil Dice (So long as all you need is a D6)

What can I say about Pencil Dice?

- Need weighted dice? Shave one side down just a wee bit more.

- Need dice AND a stabbing instrument? We've got you covered!

- Like to constantly sharpen your pencil? This is the pencil for you. Broken points guaranteed!

- Grab 3 dozen Pencil Dice and you too can play Tunnels & Trolls, Hero, Open D6 or GURPS. Please make sure your eyesight is up for the chore (note - other systems not supported - D20 Entertainment is hard at work designing a D20 Eraser.)

- You can threaten to break your Pencil Dice if they under perform. Can you make the same claim with regular dice?

- These Pencils come with an ERASER! My God man, what will they think of next?

- 10 bucks get's you 12 pencils. Why pay bulk prices for pencils when you can overpay for pencils whose points will constantly break when you throw them on the table.

- The next Movie / TV Series / Web Series produced by D20 Entertainment will star Pencil Dice. For the right pledge, your pencil die can have a starring role.

- Watch where you roll that. You'll poke an eye out!

- Pencil. Dice. It's like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup from some Chthonian alternate universe. Just wait until it gets stuck in the back of your throat.

- There a sucker born every minute. You can quote me and write it down with your pencil dice.

- At the $16k mark we get RAINBOW PENCILS! Yeah, somehow I find it less than exciting and what a PITA to try and read the pips.


  1. Actually, I think this is awesome. I'd buy one for a quarter if they were at the checkout at the FLGS. 12 for $10???? WTF. Now, I'm off to find a Ticonderoga #2 and a sharpie.

  2. These things have been around for a while. Clearly they think Kickstarter == inventory clearance sale.

    Perhaps they believe Kickstarter patrons are more easily parted from their money.

    1. Replace "believe" with "know based on the evidence."

    2. Based on their current funding levels, I concur.

      I'll admit that I'm a sucker for a *good* Kickstarter product... but $10,000K for some custom pencils that you could probably get from Lillian Vernon for a couple bucks... insanity.

    3. By the way, look for my new Kickstarter called "Pulling random cardboard chits from a paper bag". I can support any die type, include the unique Zocchi dice.

      Place your custom* cardboard chits corresponding to the die type into a bag, and pull a chit out for your personalized random number.

      If I hit $100,000 your customized cardboard chits will be color!

  3. Based on some of the kickstarters that have funded, maybe assuming many Kickstarter backers are foolish with their money isn't far off the mark...

  4. Holy crap, they are at 800%?! Well someone bought-in at $750....at that range it is only 15 cents a pencil and that is with a custom name. 50 cents for a pencil....meh. Now if it was a school fundraiser or some such...ok.

  5. When I was first learning D&D, we didn't have the crazy dice, just D6's from other board games. We used a combination of homemade chits and "pencil dice" to make up the rest of the dice combinations. How hard is it to draw dots on dice and roll them on the table?

  6. I don't even get what you're supposed to do with them.

  7. Hey Erik, 35k$+

    I think I lost a piece of faith in humanity, or sanity... ehr or whatever.


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