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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Troll Lord Games Entire Catalogue 60% Off at RPGNow Thru Sunday

Every once in a while Troll Lord Games runs a sale over at OBS (DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.) This is one of their better sales. 60% off is no joke.

Castles & Crusades is what brought me back to gaming and reminds me of AD&D 1e / 2e in many ways. A houseruled AD&D but still D&D to me.

The adventures are easily portable to other OSR games and the price is certainly right. I think I'll be shopping while running tonight's Tavern Chat session ;)

Alright, the links above won't work for you, so click here ;)


  1. I'm woefully uneducated about the C&C line. I see they have a ton of adventures! Can you recommend any that fit in the dungeon crawl style?

  2. Is the monster and treasure book worth it? It is old re-statted monsters or new monsters?

  3. Here are three of the more dungeon crawl-y modules they have out:
    DA1: Dark Journey 3-5 characters level 1-4
    DB2: Crater of Umeshti 4-6 characters level 3-5
    DB3: Deeper Darkness 4-6 characters level 4-8 (direct continuation of DB2)

    Some of the A series is 'underground' too.

    The M&T book is mostly re-statted monsters (and treasure.) I do like the treasure generation tables, especially the unique (non-magical) items lists.


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