Sunday, January 25, 2015

Found a Use for My OGRE Oversized Tote Bag - Winter Storm Juno "Go Bag"

If tomorrow's blizzard predictions hold true, I may be stuck at work tomorrow night (or held over preemptively to stand in for those that can't make it in.) If I do go home tomorrow night, assuming trains are running Tuesday morning I may get held over until Wednesday.

Yeah, I expect lots of not much fun over the next few days.

So, in the bag I have:

- a light sleeping bag

- a cheesy pillow

- a towel

- a change of underwear

- a pair of clean dry socks

- 6 single serve mac and cheese bowls

- 6 single serve instant oatmeal bowls

- 4 single serve trail mix

- books for reading

And here I was wondering if I'd ever get any use out of the bag.


  1. As the bag appears to have an open top, I would suggest using gallon-sized ziplock bags or at least garbage bags to protect everything within. You don't want to spill your pillow in the snow, let alone your books!

    1. driving in to work - tho it's doubtful I'll be driving home at this point

  2. Add some bottled water too. Better to have it and not need it . . .

  3. And after the snow, back to laundry day bag? :)


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