Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Blizzard Reading Collection - Breachworld, Sword of Air and Stoneheart Valley

If I somehow am not held over at work tomorrow, I will either be stuck at work in all likelihood Tuesday thru Wednesday (assuming I can get to work with the blizzard currently being predicted for NYC) or stuck at home. In either case, I'm preparing reading material.

Breachworld - the "not Rifts RPG." Seriously, it's not, even if it does borrow some of the basic tropes. It's built off of the Mini Six system (which in turn is a variation of the Open D6 System which has it's roots in the old WEG's Star Wars D6) we have a chance to see something Rifts-like with a system that work. Heck, I suspect with minimal work one could run a Rifts campaign using these rules and Rifts Sourcebooks - because we know we didn't use the game system as written anyway.) Yes, I've had a love / hate relationship with Rifts for over 20 years.

Stoneheart Valley - I'll start by saying I am not impressed by The Wizard's Amulet. It's a railroad with an (DM)NPC as the driving force behind a newly formed party and scenes that tell you the PCs actions. Admittedly, the railroad is a short one and easily fixed, but a railroad none the less. The Crucible of Freya is much less railroady and next on my list to finish reading. The trilogy ends with large - dare I say "Mega?" - Dungeon. Lets see how far I get.

Sword of Air - currently only in PDF, so I'm bringing my tablet. I'll bounce back and forth between this and Stoneheart and see how well it all weaves together on it's own. I'm really enjoying what I've read of this sandbox setting / adventure thus far.

Hopefully I can get far enough along to get a review or three out of my forthcoming reading marathon ;)


  1. Hope you get a good snow day or two with plenty of reading and none of the ugly things (blackouts, etc.)! :)

  2. I would recommend adding Bards Gate + The Lost City of Barakus before going to the Stoneheart Dungeon. I found that the dungeon needed more levels after Freya so I made them visit Bards Gate to get a Quest to retrieve the magic items in Barakus to be able to clean the Temples. Got to travel from Bards Gate to Endhome with a merchant that made them find the cave to Barakus. You can modify the story of Barakus to mix it with Stoneheart and make a bigger campaign. Bards Gate is a 3e book but it is good info to make a quick visit to the big city and buy better equipment not found in smaller villages like Fairhill. Have not read Sword of Air but maybe it could be added somehow like Rappan Athuk... I let them get some maps to it, and get scary stories from NPCs about that huge dungeon... maybe one day ;-)

  3. Blizzard reading? You should be barricading the doors and getting ready for the Snowpocalypse !!! The shelves have been stripped bare, in only a few days there will be cannibal gangs riding polar bears roaming the snow choked streets.

  4. I don't mean to suggest that the Palladium system isn't ass, but even so it's far from the worst problem with Rifts.


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