Monday, January 26, 2015

I Found a Snowman to Match My Winter Mood

I'm in such a foul winter mood with this "blizzard of the century" that is taking it's damn sweet time to be a blizzard here in NYC.

So what do I do?

I search the net for evil snowmen.

I found the above by Zeeksie over over at DeviantArt. This is my kind of evil snowman. He must have some magical ability to turn folks into mini-mees, which he then toys with before destroying.

I could easily stat this out as a Tunnels & Trolls monster. OSR tho? Hmmmm.

Maybe an exercise for tomorrow...

(holy crap but Zeeksie has some good pieces)


  1. Tim had this on his computer wallpaper for awhile. I love the little baby snowman that's smiling.

  2. While you're having the "Blizzard of the Century", we're having the "Hellish Summer" here in Brazil... if there were a lava version of this snowman, it would represent my mood ¬¬

  3. So much for January Snowmageddon 2015, eh? At least, there's nothing really apocalyptic about this storm down here in South Jersey. Okay, I can hear the Jersey jokes now: "dat's becawse even da snow doesn't wanna go at Joisey, bwahahahaha!"

    On an unrelated note: Hey Tenk, I'm sure you know about the Conan boardgame kickstarter going on right now:


    I'm sure your fans would love to get your take on it so far.


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