Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dedicated to Paul Benedetti - Lost 9-11-01 - Friend and Gamer

Today is 9-11.  13 years after 9-11-01.

If I had responded to the actual mobilization point I was supposed to arrive at, there might be nine more names to read of those that were lost that day. I was supposed to arrive at the foot of Tower 2, but never made it past the masses of folks near City Hall that were already fleeing the Towers.

I lost a good friend that day. I had 4 good friends that worked in and around the World Trade Center on 9-11-01. Three walked miles and miles to get home that day. One never made it home. All were from my core group of gaming buddies and best friends dating back to High School.

Paul, you are sorely missed. You were there when the towers were attacked in '93, and I remember hearing about the 70+ flights you had to walk down. The second time they were hit you never had that opportunity.

Roll those dice and roll them well. The rest of us will join you when our time comes, and we'll pick up where we left off.

Rest well.

Paul Benedetti, age 32 when taken too early.


  1. Best of thoughts to the family and friends of Paul and all those others killled that day.

    Never went near the site myself but it was part of my life.The firm I worked for at the time started getting calls from multiple military commands and government agencies very shortly after the first tower fell. The hand of war and the tendrils of terror reached out far and wide that day.

  2. RIP, Mike Mullen, FDNY. An army buddy of mine lost that day.

  3. Safe travels, Paul.

    Peace to you, as well, Erik. From your other post today, I know that you (and multitudes of others) are deeply, and personally, affected by the day's events. All I can offer is sympathy, and the advice to take a deep breath and look to the horizon.

  4. My mom died unexpectedly on Sept 10, 2001. My brother and sister and I were at the funeral home on the morning of the 11th. They had a TV on in the office. My brother always says our Mom died when she did because Heaven was going to need more Angels for what was to come.


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