Friday, September 12, 2014

Gaming Future - "Uncle, I Want to be a Dragon!"

My not quite 4 year old niece was over on Tuesday and she decided she wanted to "see trains" about 20 minutes before 7pm, which gave me 20 minutes to walk to the pedestrian overpass, catch a rush hour train or two and get back in time for my scheduled Skype call with +Vincent Florio .

We caught two trains (and just missed a diesel) before I told the young lady we had to head back home.


"I have a phone call with a friend in a few minutes, and we need to go now."

"Whose your friend?"


"Where does Vince live?"


"Mommy has a friend that lives in Texas. Only one friend in each state. Vince needs to live in... Tennessee!"

"Heh. I'll let him know."

"Whatcha gonna talk to Vince about Uncle?"

"Well, we are going to talk about Dungeons & Dragons."

"What's Dumgems & Dragons?"

"It's a game where you play heroes, and the heroes explore the wilderness or the underground and they beat up monsters (I left out the -and take their stuff - part)"

"I wanna be a monster! I wanna be a dragon! Or a troll! Or a dinosaur! Or a alligator! Can I be a dragon, uncle?"

"Sure Pinky, You can be a dragon."

"Uncle, can you teach me about Dumgems & Dragons when I get older. 'Cause I'm only 3 now."

"Heh. Yes Pinky. I'll teach you about Dungeons & Dragons whenever you want. Remember uncle's dice, and your own dice? You use those dice in Dungeons & Dragons."

"I'm going to breath fire!" and she proceeded to puff her cheeks four times, blowing out air before taking a needed breath for the next puff.

She's not yet four, and already she has the gaming bug and an amazing imagination.

Something tells me she will be gaming sooner than later...


  1. That's awesome! My kid sister, 6, wants to play an orc 'cause of their porcine features. She occasionally asks if I'm done making my game yet, and once decided to show me up by making her own in matter of minutes

  2. Hehe. Now that's a nice story. I'll take that relocation under advisement :)

  3. Cute! At three, my son wanted to be a Thief all the time. Now that he's six, he's left D&D behind and only wants to play Star Wars so he can be a Jedi Force ghost (actually twin Force ghosts).

  4. Awww. Does she have any treasure yet?


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