Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bundle of Holding - Ptolus and More (Monte Cook)

There is a campaign worth of material in Ptolus for those that want to spend a campaign exploring a city. Over 800 pages of city based campaign material. Damn!

I have the hardcover version of Ptolus, and it is good. I'll probably never run it as it, but that doesn't make it any less good. I really do need to mine it for it's bit's and pieces.

You also get the Player's Guide to Ptolus, The Banewarrens, Chaositech, The Night of Dissolution and two Campaign Journals. All for $19.95 when you grab the Ptolus Bundle of Holding

Beat the average and you get:

Books of Experimental Might I (retail $9) and II ($7)
Complete Book of Eldritch Might (retail $13):
Books of Hallowed Might I (retail $6) and II ($7)

Not sure if beating the average is needed for the OSR crew interested in Ptolus, but what you get in the basic package is pretty damn good.


  1. Step one: Change the name to something I can pronounce

    Step two: Quit my job so I can find time to read 800 pages of material

    Step three: Prepare for disappointment when in the second session players decide they would rather become a band of forest outlaws and eschew the city life after murdering a NPC and burning down a city block or some other such nonsense.

  2. Ptolus is so 5 minutes ago, this is the Era of the Nu-Men after all...


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