Friday, August 15, 2014

Damn You Vince! Looks Like I'll be Going to MEPACon in November

I'd like to give a big FU to +Vincent Florio . He mentioned MEPA to me, and I mentioned it to my wife, and it looks like we are going in November.

MEPACon is the Mid Eastern Pennsylvania Con, held in the Scranton area. Apparently the hotel has a pool AND is pet friendly. Sigh. I never had a chance.

Any of my blog readers plan on attending? Maybe we can do a Tavern Gathering :)

Mark November 14-16 on your calendar. I may need to run something.


  1. Oddly enough, I've never been. I'll likely be getting close to crunch time at school then, so I don't think I can commit.

  2. Hey! I invited you last year, man! Can't wait to see you there, maybe we'll end up in a game together.

  3. Shame I don't live in PA any more. :(

  4. Unfortunately, I'll be at U-Con in Ypsilanti Michigan that weekend running Tekumel with my new OSR rules.

  5. He has that effect on people.

    Fortunately, I ain't people, which is why I never go.


  6. How about a definite "maybe"? My daughter is a varsity HS swimmer and the sectional championships are almost always the same weekend as MEPACon. If nothing else, I might run down for Sunday only, so be sure to wear your Tenkar and the Badger T-Shirt so I can find you if I do.


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