Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tenkar & The Badger - Live Recorded On Air Hangout - Adventures in the East Mark - Episode 1.5 :)

Watch the video or wait for the audio only to go live - but the video will show your some of the actual awesomeness that is Adventures in the East Mark

If you were there when we recorded, you could have won some prizes. Next time we do this ya better find the time to join us ;)


  1. Great interview guys, I hate you both now for making my want to buy a setting I may never play but will enjoy owning. I have done my best swearing off buying settings, but I really want to buy this setting and explore its uniqueness. Well done! The artwork of the setting is awesome! Looking forward to the next pod cast.

    1. Padre, if we have your vote of confidence I know we are doing well ;)


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