Monday, August 11, 2014

The Chair Squeaks as the Wife Coughs and the Puppy Makes an Appearance

I've heard it said that puppies are like newborn babies. It's not quite true, so far as I can tell. There is no diaper changing and less puking. Sleeping is, however, an issue.

Danke (I didn't pick the name - husbands rarely have such authority) is a damn good puppy that is only happy at night sleeping between mommy and daddy. Which usually means a head tucked into my armpit as I try not to roll over on said puppy throughout the night. As a generally light sleeper, this means I am acutely aware of all of said puppies movements and adjustments (as well as my own) throughout the night. I sleep, but not deeply. The other option is not to sleep at all, as the pup will whine and bark half the night if placed in her crate.

Rach was diagnosed with bronchitis yesterday at the doc in a box yesterday, which explains the cough she couldn't get rid of. Did I mention that wakes me at night too?

Oh, and the chair still squeaks, though not as bad as before.

Why bring this up? All this and more make an appearance in yesterday's recorded live G+ Hangout - as well as Ashley's tail.

There is a sense of intimacy with these live recorded hangouts. Also a sense of rawness, with trains making their presence known, coughs that leak in from the next room and a roaming puppy that needs comforting.

+Jason Paul McCartan and I will need to do more ".5" episodes - even if it's more spur of the moment to address something that just popped off in the hobby or to address a spark of our own brilliance, or more likely, stupidity.

Still doesn't address my like of sleep though. Heh.


  1. Not to mention me having to tell my 6-year-old to leave the room multiple times. He just wants to get in on the action.

    It's about time for an "On Air" sign in the Badger household.

  2. I just consider them commercial interruptions from life, you could always make an edited version if people have complaints. I think it adds to the normalcy of the pod-casts. I hope you guys keep cranking out the video/interviews/gaming commentary, I like to listen to it often in the background while trying to take care of other computer work or work in the house/office.

    1. I think the .5 series will remain raw and uncut. Our normal podcast process is to record audio from a shared stream as well from each side for Tenkar and I so that we can have a lot of quality. But editing takes a fair bit of time, and I'd rather do it only for the "official" audio only episodes.

  3. You guys have inspired me. If I ever have a live podcast, instead of a puppy, I'll have a NTRPG con serving wench sit in my lap. If it doesn't help ratings, it's bound to help my attitude.


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