Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fantasy Grounds 4 Con (May 8th thru May 11th)

Fantasy Grounds was my portal back to active role playing (as a player in a Dark Heresy game none the less).

From my admittedly limited experience compared to others, there is very little learning curve with FG as a player and it has some amazing bells and whistles. (the learning curve is mostly on the GM side)

With all that being said, there is an online Fantasy Grounds Con coming up in May, 2014. Here's the press release:
FG Con 4 is here! 
FG Con is back for our 4th event. This time around FG Con will span 100 hours from the evening of Thursday May 8th (AUS/NZ time) to late night Sunday May 11th (US/CA Time).
We've got 43 sessions available for registration right now and several more close to being published. Visit the site here: http://www.fg-con.com/events and get started.
We've got the following rulesets being played: 
Lots of Pathfinder Society
Savage Worlds
D&D 3.5E
A playtest of the new Fantasy Grounds Champions ruleset
Serenity/Firefly using BRP
Extiction Event (totally new ruleset)
GUMSHOE (another new ruleset)
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire 
All players play free! Of course you still need to have installed a copy of Fantasy Grounds and TeamSpeak but you can still play even with a demo/free license. There is no cost to play at all. 
GMs - there is still time to get your game listed - but don't leave it too late as it will get harder to fill your game. All Full Licenses will be bumped to Ultimate licenses for the duration of the Con so you can get those friends involved who dont have a license.
If you need any help - either as a player or a GM please contact the FG Con team by email: team@fg-con.com All feedback is welcome. Suggestions regarding the site, regarding recruitment, regarding emails - whatever - the FG Con team want to hear from you. 
Damian | damian@fg-con.com
Not sure I'll have the time to pop in myself, but it looks to be a good time.


  1. Thanks for the post Erik! we got a couple of old school games going with teh Castles & Crusades ruleset - Im running one of those and a couple of introductory sessions to fantasy grounds. if you are like me and like to try different rulesets/genres when you play at a Con these might be of interest too: FATE: Dresden Files, Extinction Event: To the choppers, GUMSHOE: Night’s Black Agents, BRP: Star Wars, BRP: Firefly/Serenity

  2. Just over 1 week to go!

    47 sessions set to run now. We have had a Rolemaster and 2 Numenera sessions added in the last 24hrs. Still plenty of spots available in the 8 Savage Worlds games set to run!


    Completely free to play, can use free/demo license and no Con fees.

    20 Pathfinder sessions
    8 Savage Worlds sessions
    Castles & Crusades
    Extinction Event Alpha
    Basic Role Playing
    D&D 3.5
    Star Wars
    Champions (Playtest)
    Rolemaster Classic

  3. The 4th FG Con - Fantasy Grounds Online RPG Convention is running this weekend. 49 sessions - all totally free to participate. Pathfinder, Basic Role Playing, Savage Worlds, Numenera, Star Wars, D&D, Castles & Castles, Rolemaster Classic, Champions, Extinction Event, Gumshoe, Fate, Dungeon Crawl Classics. http://www.fg-con.com/

  4. For anyone interested in buying Fantasy Grounds - it launched on Steam this week and is 25% off - and lots of rulesets are also 25% off.
    Sale has only 16hours to go!


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