Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Dozen RPG Podcasts Given Link Love are Up

To the right of this post is a series of links to the (currently) 13 (a Baker's Dozen) podcasts I subscribe to for listening to on my daily commute. Nothing makes driving from lower Manhattan to Queens via the BQE more pleasant than a good gaming podcast. Hell, in the mornings when this direction is reversed, there are mornings I need to shut off a podcast mid topic - or sit in my car and be late to work - damn temptations ;)

The list will grow as I find time to sample more. It doesn't include any "play podcasts", as I don't currently have any of these set up on my phone. If I do add some, they'll be their own separate list, as there is some serious extremes of feeling regarding these.

Enjoy. You really can't go wrong trying anyone of the podcasts listed, but taste is always an individual thing. If you don't enjoy one, just delete the feed and move on to another...


  1. Excellent. Looking for something to listen to during my days.

  2. Can't seem to find Gaming Ballistic, are they not on iTunes?

    1. They are not on iTunes, largely because I didn't think to put them there. Each of the fourteen or fifteen interviews does have an MP3 file linked in at my blog (Firing Squad/Ballistic Interviews), as well as video. And a text transcript for each.

      Thanks for even casual interest. Do you think iTunes would be a good idea?


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