Thursday, April 24, 2014

13 Posts Short of 4k - Taking a Look at Where We Are and Where We Are Going

I expect we'll hit 4,000 posts sometime this weekend - Monday at the latest.

Fucking amazing. Scary too. If you've been along the ride for most of these posts, God bless you. If you're relatively new, welcome aboard.

Just think, at the end of May, The Tavern hits 5 years old. That's like venerable in AD&D years.

What are we doing to celebrate?

We hope to have the first episode of the upcoming podcast released by the end of May. No guarantees. I'm talking to the godfather of OSR podcasting tomorrow for advice. Yes, unlike blogging, I'd like to hit the ground running when it comes to the podcast - or, failing that, and least not trip up too badly.

We've got plans ( +Jason Paul McCartan and I) for the as yet unnamed podcast - we just haven't figured them all out yet ;)

Oh, for the the future listeners in the audience, you'll be hit with a New York accent and a Scottish brogue. Yep, twice the confusion and still free - can't beat that.

The blog will always be the place where I hang my hat - my comfort zone - my macaroni and cheese (baked, not from a box) - mmmm.  Damn, getting hungry at the moment. The podcast will be where I let my hair down.

No excessive talking about beer on the podcast (with a German-American and a Scotsman, it is quite likely, however, to come up on occasions), no titles (but we may resort to name calling at times), probably more profanity then we would like (but less than some of you may fear) and, hopefully, a fun time had by all.

I have no doubt that the podcast will need time to find it's proper voice. It took time for The Tavern to hit it's stride. Feel free to to prod us in the right direction when needed. We'll feel free to ignore you as warranted :)


  1. Dude, please, PLEASE do not have the sound of beer bottles being opened, and PLEASE don't have obnoxious burping every minute. That sort of thing is maybe funny for about a minute, and then it just becomes annoying. Maybe it's cool when you've just turned 21 and are drinking all the time because you're legal now, but otherwise...you get the idea.

  2. A Scots burr makes everything better ... And beer - can't forget about the beer


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