Thursday, April 24, 2014

Name The Tavern's New Podcast - Win $10 RPGNow Credit if We Pick Your Suggestion

+Jason Paul McCartan and I are looking for a name for the upcoming OSR podcast we are about to inflict upon the gaming community, and we need your help in naming it.

Add your suggestions to either this blogpost or any attached G+ threads to enter. We'll pick one (hopefully) by Monday, so get your suggestions to us by Sunday.

Our plan is to involve the OSR Community on many levels of the podcast, much as we do here at The Tavern.

Just an idea of the kind of podcast you're in for, here's the disclaimer we are toying around with at the moment:
"Warning: You are about to enter The Tavern. All bets are off. There WILL be gratuitous language and stuff that's not safe for work or people of low constitution or willpower. The dice will lay where they fall. So, enter at your own peril or find another podcast to listen to, one that doesn't make you roll save versus..." (cue intro)


  1. "Ramblings from Tankards bottom"
    "(saturday) Late night Tavern Wisdom"
    "The Olde School Ramblings"
    "The drunken OSR brigade"
    "One Tankard too much!"

  2. Grumbles and Fumbles
    Roll for Ramblings

  3. Overheard in the Tavern
    Tenkar's Tankard
    Tankards & Drunkards
    Tankard, Drunkards & Grognards
    Grumblings & Grognards


  4. Tenkarkarous


  5. "Tenkar's Tavern Brawl"
    "Grognards at the Tavern"
    "Tenkar's Olde Schoolhouse"

    Pour me another
    Drunken Reveling
    You're shittin' me!
    and my favorite: Kickstarter Tip Jar (Give us money, we promise you nothing)

  7. Replies
    1. This perhaps applies to the angry dwarf persona. Maybe it can be the name of a segment on the show, where Tenk spouts off about stuff that made him angry that particular week.

  8. Old School Podcast
    Of the Old School
    Renaissance Men
    Renaissance Revolution
    Renaissance Ramblings

  9. Fuelled With Beer
    Draughts and Dragons
    Draughts and Dregs
    New Podcast, Old School
    Have Games, Will Travel
    Adventures in OSR Gaming
    All Hail the Grumpy Dwarf
    Tenkar's Mixed Drinks

  10. Don't know about the main title, but could be a segment:

    Tenkar's Tall Tales

    The front room of Tenkar's Tavern is frequently the host of travelling Bards and Storytellers, and occasionally, on certain nights, Tenkar himself will rise to the dais and regale the patrons with a tale of his own incredible adventures. Come join us as we enter the tavern, grab a pint, and pause by the hearth to listen.

  11. Back to the OSR Future
    Night of the Dwarf
    Big Trouble in Little Podcast
    Clash of the Tankards
    There Can Be OSR
    The Tavern Strikes Back
    Tenkar's Big Adventure
    Casters of the Lost Pod
    Tenkar's Podcast

  12. The Podcast With No Name
    A Fistful of Gaming
    Tenkar's Gauntlet
    For a Few Dice More
    The Oldschool Erik Tenkar
    The Good, the Bad, and the Late Kickstarters
    Every Which Way but New

  13. "Release the Tavern!"
    Old School Confidential
    By the Power of Old School!
    Ballads of Badassdom
    A Pint of the Good Stuff
    Tavern Role Call
    Monsters Below
    Gold, Ale, & Blood
    Another Fine Mess
    Call the Bouncers
    Carding at the Gates
    Tenkar's Back Room
    Beyond the Secret Door
    Beyond the Secret Gate
    What Have We Wrought?
    Variations on a Game
    Rolling Dice in the Tavern
    Tavern of the Apes
    Podcast of the Apes
    Here There Be Gamers

  14. Tenkar's Tipple
    From the Tavern's Floor
    Hey Barkeep

  15. Unholy Word
    Magic Mouth
    Creeping Doom

  16. OSR Podcast: There and Back Again
    Revenge of the Neckbeards
    Shut Up and Roll
    When Dice Were Round
    Dumb Dead Bastards
    Voices of the OSR

    The rest I though of were more ridiculous than these.

  17. Whispers from the Corner Booth
    They Say...

  18. Tenkar's Tavern Talk



  19. Tenkar's Tirades
    Tenkar Talks
    The Booth in the Back
    Tenker's Tabletalk
    Tenker's Tabletop Talk

    What sort of characters go into Tenkar's Tavern? Perhaps the podcast could be themed around the characters in the bar, sharing rumor with adventurers?
    1d4 Rumors
    Tenkar's Tasks

  20. Tenkar's Smut Shanty....oh wait that's porn

  21. The d20 Reacharound......

    1. You know we may need to suspend your drinking privileges...

    2. Haven't had a drop all day. And helped a friend move...he bought me Taco Bell for dinner.......

  22. All Dwarves & Drunkards
    Tenkar & Trolls

  23. Tenkar's Tankard of Cantankerous Talk +2

  24. Tenkar's Tavern After Dark
    Old School Recordings
    Podcasts and Wizardry
    Tenkar's Last Stand


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