Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Screw "If" - "When" The Tavern Podcast Comes Together...

Alright, "The Tavern" will be putting out an OSR podcast. No date yet, but between the vague time frame definitions of SOON!, soonish and "not so soon", I'd put it around midway between soonish and "not so soon" ;)

I'm figuring two steady chairs and a guest each episode - bloggers, writers, artists - basically content creators. Not really big on the idea of doing straight up interviews, as my technique would probably fall along the lines of "interrogation". Instead, the third chair would get to put their input to the topic at hand.

Talking megadungeons? Grab +Joseph Bloch for the third seat. Talking Swords & Wizardry? Strong arm +Matt Finch . ACKS? +Tavis Allison .  Mapping techniques? +Dyson Logos and +matt jackson . Successful and on time RPG Kickstarters? Maybe +Kevin Crawford or +Zach Glazar .

BTW, the above are just examples of the way I would want the third chair to run. None of the above have been begged  strong armed  cajoled contacted yet, as the podcast doesn't exist except in the planning stage.

I'll be spending the next couple of weeks researching the technical hurdles. Thankfully, I can use OSX or Windows, so software wise I can grab the best  easiest to use and comprehend in the shortest amount of time

I expect there will be a few "negative number" episodes to work the kinks out prior to any "official" launch.


  1. Sounds like fun. Looking forward to the first broadcast.

  2. Things that make me stop listening to podcasts.
    - um, every other word
    - sad attemtps at humor
    - edition war chatter
    - spending the first 20+ minutes recapping the games the hosts played since last podcast

    A podcast doesn't have to be super professional as long as it has something interesting to say, (see '2d6 feet in a random direction' as an example

    1. I'll try to replace "uhm" with the "F-Bomb" if it helps ;)

      all attempts at humor are sad when they fail - hopefully any failures will be at least entertaining

      Its going to be OSR rules and themes - 3x, 4e and Pathfinder will rarely if ever come up - I expect 5e will when it releases - it may even surprise me :)

      i do session recaps on occasion on the blog side - if you want them, they'll be there and probably not on the podcast

  3. When you come to NTRPG con this June, the entire Save or Die podcast crew (Liz, Mike, Jim and Glen) will be on hand. I'm sure they can give you lots of good advice as they just hammered out their 90th broadcast (of which I am a part of to pimp the con, he said without a trace of self-promotion).

    1. You forgot to preface all those names with DM.

  4. Another thing I forgot to mention is that is good to keep shows to half hour - 45 mins or so. Atleast from my standpoint opinion. What we do is ussually try to record 2 shows a night, and when we started we had a month or so in the can before we released any. That way we were ahead of the game a bit, incase something happened and we weren't able to record. Obviously it will depend on frequency of shows. As I said we do a weekly one. but a monthly 1 hour podcast can work as well. it all depends on what you want to do. and remember to tag all the shows with "If you have a comment you can email me at.... or tweet me ... etc".

  5. I'll keep an eye... nay, an ear out for this one. ;) *Thu-thum tshish!*

  6. I'd be happy to do a session on David A. Hargrave's The Arduin Grimoire with you if you're interested :)


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