Sunday, January 26, 2014

Where Are the Sales Hyping the 40th Anniversary of D&D?

Where are the sales hyping the 40th anniversary of D&D?

I don't see anything over at RPGNow.

Paizo seems to be silent.

Heck, even the WotC site seems to be quiet about it.

Is it just the OSR, thanks to +Jon Peterson 's research, that recognizes this weekend, more or less, as the birthdate of D&D?

The only sale I have seen linking itself this event is Pelgrane Press' sale on the 13th Age PDF:
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The RPG That Started It All, we’re offering 40% off 13th Age—a love letter to the classic game from two of its lead designers. 
13th Age is the game Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet run at their own tables: a fast, fun, accessible fantasy RPG that combines the best of the d20-rolling legacy with new indie-game inspired story mechanics. From its flexible skill system to the greatest combat dice mechanic since critical hits, this PDF contains everything you need to play one of 2014’s must-have titles. 
Save 40% on the 13th Age core rules PDF! But this special price is for one day only!
That "one day" is today.

Any other sales folks can point at?


  1. None so far, but I think that the others might be holding off for their celebration for later in the year.

  2. Maybe you can buy a white box on eBay to celebrate.

  3. Didn't get any deals on single malts for Robert Burns 255th birthday Saturday, either.

    1. I got a coupon for 10% off swag from Laphroaig for my birthday.

  4. I'm guessing that if there are going to be any sales for the 40th anniversary, that they'll hold off until Gen Con.

  5. I am now :) D&D40 is the code for $10 off any of the Limited Edition Boxed Sets of Whisper & Venom. www.lessergnome.com/store

  6. Paizo has a 10% off sale, but they have had that since Christmas. Code is: holiday14

  7. Xbox live has a sale on the D&D Mystara side-scrolling video game today. Perhaps someone at Microsoft is celebrating the anniversary?

  8. Ask and ye shall receive!

    I have placed all James Mishler Games products on sale for 40% off.

    Note that I do NOT have sales. Normally I have a low price for first adopters, then adjust up to a normal retail when I release a new product... but as it has been a while, and the 40th anniversary of D&D only comes around once, I figure what the hell...

    I'll run the sale for a week; then the Dread Groundhog God shall take the sale with him when he flees his shadow on February 2nd...

    Click here for the James Mishler Games sale

  9. 10% off Seven Voyages of Zylarthen for at least the next 24 hours (starting at 11:30 Central time, January 26th-I'm late, as usual). Go to Lulu and search for "Zylarthen" or click through from http://saveversusallwands.blogspot.com. If 10% off sounds chintzy, believe me, it's almost as low as I can go without sending you the game with cash attached. :)


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