Monday, January 27, 2014

So Much Time, So Little Time

I'm sitting here at my computer, anxiously waiting for and dreading the phone call from the vet. I'm pretty sure what the call is going to suggest. 12 years is a lifetime for many dogs, and it will probably be a lifetime for our Chloe.

And then my mind wanders. It's starts comparing the lifetime of a D&D Elf to that of a Human or any of the shorter lived fantasy races and it occurs to me that the elves long lifespan is both a gift and a curse. Live the lifespan that is many times that of your fiends - and watch them grow old, sick and die - many times, many generations.

Then I ask myself - "why would elves EVER adventure with and form bonds with the shorter lived races, knowing that even in the best of circumstances their friends and comrades, if they were to reach old age and not perish while adventuring, would die while the elf were still young. As would the heirs of those adventurers, and their heirs' heirs."

I'm reminded that the heart chooses as it will, and it chooses our short lived companions because of the bonds we share. The value is not in the length of the life, but how it is ultimately lived.

Our Chloe has lived well, loved well and been loved.

Time waits for no man. Nor dog nor cat. It catches our furry friends more often than it catches us, but in the end, it catches us all.

And still we wait for the call. Anxious and dreading, both in turn.


  1. All of my dogs have broken my heart when they passed, but if the alternative is never knowing them I can take a lot of heart break. No matter how sad they make us when they go, that pales in comparison to how happy they made us while they were here.

    The heart does choose as it will, but when it comes to these furry creatures it chooses well.

  2. I'm remembering my Amy Lou and sharing your pain, my friend.

    Unlike people, all they ever ask for is a little food, a little water and a whole lot of love, which they give in return and in abundance.

  3. We had to put both of our dogs down in 2013. It was very hard on my wife and I. I hope the call is not one to dread.

  4. That was very touching, I am reminded of my childhood dog when reading that. Non-pet owners I know are often baffled the way we care for our pets, I get their point but I am happy that I don't feel that way. Take care of yourself.

    PS- that was an interesting philosophical point you touched on as well vis a vis long and short-lived races. It is an example of one of the many parables fantasy role-playing has that reflects the realities of real life...good post

  5. My heart goes out to you buddy. I hope everything is ok.

    I say this as I sit here petting my Pepper, my sweet lab retriever we rescued in 2001. She is old and nearing the end of her life, I know it, and I cherish every moment I have with her because I know soon she will be gone. She is the last of the first 'generation' of pets my wife and I had join our family. She struggles to go up steps, to hop on our bed...and yet, she follows me around to be near me where ever I go. I just leaned over and turned on our heating blanket....because I know she likes it.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope, I pray, everything works out for you.

  6. the deed is done. no good choices but only one right choice.

    i can hold my shit together at funerals for friends and family, but putting my dog to sleep - I'd rather have given my life and health for hers

    God bless you Chloe

  7. My sympathies, Erik. Pets form a very special bond with us and it is so painful to say goodbye to them.

  8. Sorry to hear about that Erik...Its never an easy thing to do. Stay strong mate.

  9. Very sorry to hear about Chloe. It's so clear from the photos you post how much your pets mean to you, which is why I always love to see them. You've got a big heart, and big hearts hurt big. I'm glad you and your wife have Ashley as a comfort in this difficult time. God bless.

  10. Thank you everyone - it's been a rough road for all, but the sweet lass is at rest.

    Ashley spent a good while last night, staring at my wife then glancing at me, as if I were able to fix Rachel and her tears. Then she slept on my wife's pillow, as she does most nights, and purred up a storm. It was comforting.

  11. I'm very sorry. What a sweet dog and so lucky to have such a family.

  12. That first class Detective put in a request for a first class K-9. Any bad guys on the other side better watch out. As for us, on our side, all my prayers your way.


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