Saturday, January 25, 2014

Damn You Tim Shorts!!!

If you've been following along this week, you know it's been a week of hellish proportions. With today's funeral behind us (and a long nap afterwards - well, after lunch at the local pub) I figured I'd be ready for some gaming posts.

Then i read +Tim Shorts post over at Gothridge Manor and his box of loot from Troll and Toad.

I'm neck deep in buying more shit that I don't need thanks to you Tim! I had to make a conscious effort to not pick up the Challenge Magazine issues. I'm still going thru the list of clearance - I'm only up to "E" so far.

I need to order this stuff before my wife looks over my shoulder and asks me "WTF are you doing!?!"

Good thing I get home from work before she does - I'll just unpack the box when it arrives before she comes home - and hide the loot!

(edit: some Dragons starting at issue 79 for 49 cents! I have them already, but for others, damn but it's a good price!)


  1. Challenge is a pretty good mag, but I was really happy with the stack of spacegamers that I was able to snag from the SJG sale when they were looking through their warehouse after the OGRE release.

  2. Only on E huh. You are in trouble. Sounds like there will be beeping of a truck backing up.

    1. Preach on, Tim.

      I got on their website after Tim's post and bought 42 books for $20.00.

  3. Actually, I read the same post, and I did the same thing. $11 for a box of mags and supplements? Great deal!

  4. Damn you both! I went there and purchased $18.00 worth of stuff! AAAAAAAH!

  5. Fuuuuu....there goes more money. And I think my wife's onto me, too many packages showing up lately....

  6. Troll & Toad has such great discounts, I usually make a big order of stuff roughly once a year and get a metric ton of RPGs for $.99 or less each. I've been avoiding going to the site until today. Freakin' Tim Shorts! Money's not the issue so much as where am I going to put this stuff?

  7. We need to form some sort of a punishment for Tim. I've been on T&T twice now today and have to figure out how to smuggle a boatload of books into the house.


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