Monday, January 13, 2014

The Grumpy Dwarf Peers into the Scrying Pool for 2014

Grumpy nearly forgot to give his predictions for 2014 in the world of RPGs. I've sent him to the scrying pool, otherwise known as the Tavern's Outhouse, to make his observations for 2014.

Here are the results:

1 - Far West will finally release in 2014. It will be over 2 years late and no one will notice, because no one cares anymore.

2 - D&D Next will release at NTRPG Con in June. It will be a re-reprinting of the AD&D 1e books. Optional modules will include the re-reprinting of 2e and 3.5e, as well as a reprinting of 4e. All are the New D&D according to WotC.

3 - Dwimmermount will dim further, before being rescued by none other than James Mal himself. It will be rewritten for James's Thousand Suns RPG and be reskinned as a abandoned space dreadnought. Kickstarter backers won't be amused.

4 - There will be 2d6+1 OSR rulesets released in 2014. At least one will attempt to recreate My Little Pony.

5 - Myth & Magic will still be shipping at the end of 2014

6 - Mike Nystul will attempt to run a "real life dungeon" in some random cave complex. Funding will be via Indiegogo.

7 - RPG Kickstarters will have funding issues in 2014, as backers money will still be tied to unfilled Kickstarters from 2012

8 - WotC will license the FATE rules for a special "tho shalt not die" edition of the D&D rules. Afterwards, the FATE system will simply fade away.

9 - Someone will invent a D31 die - just because. The D31 will supplant the D31, and cause all D30 tables to be revised.

10 - Two months after the release of D&D Next, the first OGL reskinning of D&D Next will occur. There will be much teeth grinding at WotC and burning of the OGL in effigy. The OGL'ed reskin of Next will outsell next itself.

11 - It will be a cold December in Seattle. The yearly purges will return.


  1. I... actually wouldn't mind #3.

  2. A very conservative set of predictions here. I'm sure that if I lurk on this thread long enough, someone will link us to a photograph of an etruscan D31 presently in the British Museum.

  3. You my grumpy friend, may be correct on all of them.

    1. there are a few that are iffy, but I'd put money down on at least 6 of them - maybe 7 if I feel "Nystul" lucky ;)

  4. #6 brings back memories of James Dallas Egbert...

  5. I heard Nystul was having a hard time after his Kickstarter to generate a bribe for his Cardinal nomination was not accepted.

  6. In other news: in 2014 'bloggers will realize the noise they post has little bearing on the real word ... and will unclench their sphincter muscles and being to enjoy life again.

  7. My Little Pony. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board.


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