Friday, January 17, 2014

Followed Up By "This" Asinine Email...

You know what I hate about marketers? They don't bother reading. Sure, my site is about "gaming", but not their style of gaming:
Guest editorial on tenkarstavern.com 
Hi Erik, 
We are interested in producing editorial content for your site. 
We would be happy to pay an administration fee of $110 annually for your time spent reviewing and publishing our content referencing our client, one of the largest betting and gaming operators in the UK & worldwide. The content will be professionally written in line with your site’s tone and voice.  
Payment can be made by PayPal (or check delivered via FedEx US/Canada only).
I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you. 
Jonathan Hart
Marketing Assistant 
P: (919) 890-3927 x304
P: (919) 890-3919
Email: jonathan.hart@totalmarketing.com
Web: www.TotalMarketing.com
514-137 Daniels Street
Raleigh, NC 27605 
So, apart from maybe checking my Alexa rating and looking at the number of folks that have circled me on G+, how much time do you think was actually spent reading the blog? Anything more than a minute is a fucking lie.

For a hair more than 9 bucks a month one is expected to sell the integrity of their work and / or hobby?

I wouldn't do it for 110 bucks a month (or any price), but at least it wouldn't be so insulting.

So, is this a sign of "hitting it big", because if it is, it's fucking lame.

I have thoughts on monetizing the blog (or any blog) but this shit certainly isnt it.

God, I really want to send Grumpy after them...


  1. I get emails from people who don't know me at all, but yet that want to write articles for my blog AND, they explain that they'll even let me edit it for content, and pay me for my time.

    Amazing stuff, I tell ya.

  2. They better throw some more zeros on the end of that paypal payment.

  3. i get these every week and offers to produce hits and write content for me and design my web page - they are produced by spambots generally

    1. well, they went so far as to use my first name, so they did a minimal amount of work ;)

    2. Ah, but did they use your _last_ name, hmm?

  4. Yeah, I've gotten some of these. The only legitimate offer I ever had was for a game site that actually wanted feedback for the Neverwinter Online MMO, and I ended up getting my wife involved in writing for their site so it worked out.....but 99.9% of the rest are basically gambling site spambots looking for suckers.

  5. Just a quick note: they aren't marketers. I work in marketing, trust me, if I proposed something like this I'd be fired. These are boiler room style sales forces. Sell sell sell. You're not the customer though - you're the product.

  6. One of my other favorite sites has this same issue. Here is how Ken at Popehat handles it.



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