Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mini Review - Cartographer’s Guide to the Creatures of Eira (OSR Monster Book)

There is one thing I've found I can never get enough of - monsters and other creatures for my OSR games (alright, two things - as I can never seem to have enough dice). The Cartographer's Guide to the Creatures of Eira is another enjoyable addition to my monster book collection.

Many of the enclosed creatures have a Celtic feel, which is to be expected, for as the author states in his forward:
While originally meant to be about “OSR Gaming with a Celtic Twist” my blog, Genius Loci, has grown from there and the following pages will show you that.
That excellent blog is where many of these creatures were hatched and raised. Well done. Personally, I appreciate the Celtic flavor wherever it crops up in games, and it lends an air or authenticity - or, at least, it does for me ;)

The art is minimal, which is fine, as the monsters themselves are the content needed, not the pictures. Many of the entries start with a narrative paragraph to set the scene, like the following example for the Ancient Titan:
“I remember that day clearly. My raiding party was crossing the straits to the Isle of the Mist looking for some easy plunder. It was a good day, a day of song and good hard work at the oars. Then It rose from the waters. Like a man, but not, and made of stone and strange metals. With one fist it crushed our and sent my crew to their grave.”
The above tells me more about how to present an Iron Titan to my players than a stat block or explanation of it's powers. Not saying you don't need the latter, but the narrative sets it apart. Well done.

A buck fifty for 43 creatures. Hard to go wrong picking this up at that buy in. Compatible with the OSR system of your choice, with ascending and descending AC.


  1. Thank you for the write up, Erik. I'm glad you enjoyed it ... although I did notice a grammar mistake in my narrative for the Titan just now. I forgot the word boat. Welp, time for an updated version!

  2. Hmm, the art is mininal. I tend to like creature pictures in my monster manuals. But will admit being disappointed when the picture doesn't match the description. But I may check this out.


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