Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On Saturday Night, My Players Encountered "The Church of the Elect" (d30 Sandbox Companion Generated)

So, I mentioned last week that I planned to put some of the D30 Sandbox Companion in motion for our Saturday Night game session. We only had 3 players, so much of that went out the window, but I had a backup plan of sorts. I put The Church of the Elect into play as the party's protagonists antagonists (edited for sleepy writing) (previously generated using the D30 Sandbox Companion).

There is a race on for the recovery of a book of power hidden in the dungeons under the remains of a mad wizard's tower (The Maze of Nuromen). The players have taken a beating, but in their encounter with the cultists they managed to get the advantage of surprise. The three cultists never stood a chance. Shame the players were only able to deal with the first level of the dungeon before retreating. Still, they have befriended the local wood elves, which may allow them to return without much of the level repopulating.

As you can see at the left, i now have both the D30 DM Companion and the D30 Sandbox Companion in print (as well as PDF and "scratch" copies printed at home). These will be getting a ton of use.

It should be noted that my players noticed the difference in tone and presentation between the DCC adventures (both 3x and DCC RPG modules) that I have converted on the fly for use with Swords & Wizardry Complete (heavily house ruled) and The Maze of Nuromen which is written for BLUEHOLME. DCC stuff is more "gonzo" while the map in Nuromen has more options for exploring and probably more doors on one level than they had encounter in the campaign thus far ;)

Fun times were had by all :)


  1. Glad your enjoying the books! (And thankful that you keep plugging them as well!)

  2. How do you find the Sandbox approach in these materials compared to Kevin Crawford's sandbox tools and techniques from his Red Tide (and other, non-mainstream-fantasy) stuff?

  3. I recently picked up the D30 Sandbox Companion. If I own this, do I still "need" the D30 DM companion? Is there overlap? Do they do the same things or are they unique? Thanks!

    1. The d30 DM Companion focuses on the "below ground" stuff. It generates things like dungeon features, traps, treasure, magic items, monster encounters by level (+stats for over 175 monsters), etc., and has a Master Dungeon Mapping Key and Dungeon Crawl Worksheet for DMs. The Sandbox Companion focuses on the "above ground" stuff. The overlap is almost negligible--just 2 pages: classed NPC stat generation and basic NPC inventory.

    2. Thanks New Big! Heading over to grab a copy at RPGnow.......now. :)

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