Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Kickstarter for DCC RPG Dice (and then some)

I admit it - I'm a dice whore. At least once a year I buy a "pound of dice" just to see what the dice fairy gives me. With this set of dice, I'll never be needed more dice ever again. Well, thats a lie, but still, at least these folks are offering an attractive D7 - my D7 is the ugly duckling of random number generators.

The Kickstarter 14 dice sets compatible w/ Dungeon Crawl Classics +D9 D11 is a bit confusing, as you aren't getting dice but "picks" to pick individual dice or sets, and the value of a set or die is in "picks". So, 8 "picks" gets you a full set of 14 DCC RPG Dice. "Points" would have made more sense perhaps.

In any case, I'm in for $40, which is 18 "picks" - 2 full sets of DCC RPG Dice . Maybe I'll grab 4 extra D7s with my points, er "picks".

Told you I'm easy when it comes to dice. Sigh.


  1. Haven't jumped on board with this yet -- probably should only go in at the lower $22 and just pick up some of the 'funky' dice, instead of a whole matched set (never have worried about my dice matching; Holmes Basic said it was okay to have mismatched colors, donchaknow).

    But then part of me says, 18 picks is better than 8...

  2. Hi Erik. Thanks for the shout-out! Sorry yes points would have been more direct for understanding. However we had just used the Pick system on our Asian Chibi KickStarter and everyone liked that system so I used it again for this KickStarter and it appears to have confused some which was definitely not our intention. ;-) If you think of picks as points ... that is the way to go and with my next KickStarter I'll be use to use points wording instead of picks. I'm hoping we can get to around stretch goal #5 as then we'll have a vote and see what everyone wants us to make ... might create a D13, or gem dice for the DCC set or if my designer gets it finished a D26. Should be fun!

  3. I'm going in at $64 which is enough picks (30) to get me 5 sets of just the funky dice (6 picks each). :)

  4. A question I would like to put out there. How much is too much for a set of dice? For the DCC RPG dice, the $40 level gets you a set of 18 dice for $20. I am fine with that. They are an unusual set of dice and are hard to come by thru regular channels from my experience. For other Kickstarters I have supported, I usually ended up getting the dice if offered. But I know there were two Kickstarters that were offering a 7 dice set for $20 which I thought was a little high and opted not to get. Plus I have bought dice on ebay but feel I have gotten pretty good deals. I am currently trying to complete a set of the Drow Dice from Gencon 2012. How about everyone else?


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