Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Was Interviewed for the "Gaming Ballistic Blog" Last Night

Yep, I sat down with +Douglas Cole from the Gaming Ballistic blog last night to chat about RPGs, blogging, Kickstarter and other stuff.

The video should be up in a week or so (I think) and for those that don't want to hear me yap for 40 minutes or so (who can blame you) there will be a transcript.

Hey, if we can get just the audio, it could be listed to while some of your folks commute to work. Just think, my words of wisdom in your ears. "Tenkar's Tavern on the Go!" That would be right up there with "Tenkar and the Badger" ;)

Seriously, I think the interview went well. Amazingly enough, I don't think I dropped a single "fuck!" the whole time, not even when talking about Kickstarters. Or maybe I dropped a few ad don't remember. Think of them as "audio Easter eggs" ';)

I know I forgot to mention a long list of amazing folks that help make this blog what it is, but ya know I love you all. Now get off my fucking lawn!

Shit! I should have brought out Feltothraxis for a few minutes. Damn it! :)


  1. Thanks for the mention! I always create three media types: a YouTube video link, an MP3 file, and a text transcript, so your wishes will be fulfilled in terms of "just audio."

    Thanks for your time! Unless things go wildly pear-shaped, I should have the transcript tomorrow morning, I'll edit the video and spin out the audio, and then I should be ready to go. Unless life happens or something.

  2. You need to do an interactive event so people can heckle you.


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