Friday, November 15, 2013

OGRE Has Arrived! Pictorial Unboxing With Ashley the Cat

"The Box" is friggin huge! Oh, and heavy. My son thought I had ordered an LCD TV for the kitchen when he saw the shipping box arrive, but alas, it was too heavy for that ;)

No way I'll be done punching out counters and building OGREs before my wife get's home this afternoon...

My, what big boxes! (the smaller box held the pins, t-shirt and carry bag)

You not hiding more shit behind this, are you?
I guess these are instructions I should actually follow...
What's in the box?
I know you are hiding something damnit!
Hey, these are blueprints! You aren't planning on building one of these, are you?
You aint building nothing now! It's mine, all mine!
Damn, but there's a bazillion places to hide things in here!
If they try to escape the box, I've got 'em!
Thought of escaping, did ya?
Got ya!


  1. Cute cat. I wish my OGRE would arrive.

  2. I had no idea that Ashley was such an avid Gamer! Cool. LOL

  3. I live in Illinois, we're one of the last states SJG is shipping to. The wait has been brutal!

    1. Stilll waiting for my Ogre box in Iowa too.

    2. Supposedly mine was shipped on Friday. At least according to the tracking number I received that day.

  4. You appear to have a cat problem. Animal control can get you a trap to fix that.


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