Friday, November 15, 2013

The "Amazon Carousel" and First Mention of "The Tavern's 12 Days of Old School Gaming Extravaganza!" Contest

I'm trying to make the contests here at the Tavern self sustaining - they should cost me little out of pocket and have some nice prizes paid for by the readers of this blog using the different referral links. As I've said many a time, referral money that The Tavern earns makes all of these contests viable. Well, that and the awesome publishers that donate prizes certainly help big time.

This is part of the reason I just added the Amazon Carousel Wheel to the right. The other part is this - the prize(s) is(are) on the wheel already, and will be determined by the funds raised by the Amazon referrals.

I figure the contest will kick off on December 15th, and only part of the contest will be funded this way. I have donated prizes and RPGNow credit to award, so there should be lots of prizes and lots of fun.

So, it should run from December 15th through December 26th. "The Tavern's 12 Days of Old School Gaming Extravaganza!"

There is one caveat - I won't be shipping prizes outside the US, so winners from the rest of the world will probably be looking at RPGNow credit. I've seen what shipping costs can do to a Kickstarter, and I'm not looking to be put at a huge loss ;)


  1. Oooo, new Basic Fantasy adventures! Shiny!

  2. I'd like to donate a print copy of Three Days Until Retirement, the PDF deliverable at Christmas.


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