Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Bundle of Holding - Hero System - Order Buckets of D6s...

I remember playing Champions back in the mid 80s. It, along with Villains & Vigilantes were our superhero games of choice. What do I remember about Champions? Buckets of d6s ;)

The current Bundle of Holding features the Hero System.

For $6.95, you get the current version of Champions, the Hero System Resource Kit and Equipment Guide for $6.95

For less than $16, you add in Fantasy Hero, Pulp Hero and Star Hero.

Very tempting for a system I know I will never run, and the odds of me playing are long. Still, I've heard only good things about this "buckets of dice" Hero System, so I will probably take the plunge ;)


  1. Bought it. That is a fantastic deal...I was almost ready to buy Champions Complete for $20 so I could find time to actually read it on my tablet; now I've got ever so much more.....if only my local players could be convinced to try Hero System...!

    FYI the genre books are great reading and useful as inspiration regardless of the system you use. IMO Star Hero, Pulp Hero and Fantasy Hero alone are worth the price just to read.

  2. I was a Champions diehard for literally 25 years, but the 6th Edition really extinguished a lot of my passion (too dry, too much fixing-what-wasn't-broken-itis, and too daunting to explain to new players).

    That said, the bundle is a bargain, and I'm off to splurge. Thanks for the linkage.

  3. Are these real books or PDFs? If the latter, not a good bargain by any means.

  4. I was in exactly the same boat as you, Justin. Multi decade fan for whom 6e was the final straw. I am pleased to report though that Champions Complete has totally reversed that. In a single stroke it has undone 10 years of bloat.


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