Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spreading the Word: "One Page Encounter Contest"

+Stuart Keating (he of the Three Days to Retirement RPG / Kickstarter) has decided to run a "One Page Encounter Contest". This is one of those things that someone like me goes: "Shit! I coulda had a V8!" or at least some similar inspiration.

I mean, really, it's a cool idea, even if he did get the seed of the idea from "he that shall remain nameless, as he long ago blocked me on G+, and besides, body piercings are so yesterday."

So, without further ado, her is +Stuart Keating 's "elevator pitch":
We’re talking epic setpiece battles that require every mini you own PLUS a couple of your niece’s action figures and also the hood of a pickup truck. 
We’re talking strategic fights featuring intelligent enemy tactics in unique and variable environments. 
We’re talking combat that requires resourcefulness, lateral thinking and a crazy/elegant/gonzo/etc aesthetic that your gaming group will talk about for months. 
We’re talking fun.
I've volunteered to be a judge. If accepted, I promise to do my job to the best of my abilities, while drinking heavily. Because drinking heavily while judging just makes it even more fun!
Entries will be judged by a panel of volunteers on the following criteria:  design, innovation, fun, concision and clarity.  Good entries would make excellent one-page additions to one-page dungeons as the showdown in the final room. Excellent entries would make players break out their minis and fight the battle without any narrative context.
I may also have something to add to the prize pool. I'll need to dig into the prize closet and see what's there.

Seriously, give it a good look and make sure you enter. Tell Stuart "The Tavern sent you" ;)

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