Friday, November 15, 2013

Kickstarter - Pick a Card, Any Card - "Location Cards - Playing Cards, Each with a Fantasy Location"

I like to run "sandbox campaigns", but of a controlled nature. The sandbox grows along with the choices of the PCs as the campaign progresses. Which means at the moment, there are less random encounters than set destination choices and hooks in my current campaign. As it progresses though, it will become much more open.

Which is where Location Cards - Playing Cards, each with a Fantasy Location will hopefully shine.

Pretty cool actually, and the example gives plenty of seeds for a DM to go hog wild with. I can see myself having lots of fun with the inspiration I can draw from this card alone.

Decks are $13 American, more or less, and I decided to go in for all three available decks at the moment - urban, rural and epic.

The Kickstarter is funded and has just over a week left in it's funding campaign.

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