Sunday, August 18, 2013

DCC Session Recap - Doom of the Savaged Judge

Last night was our DCC RPG session and our second session since the funnel that kicked things off.

Warning - minor spoilers follow for Doom of the Savage Kings.

The party was in search of the village of Hirot, and were almost there when they saw a large group emerge from the mists - 3 dozen peasants in a mob with a tied and gagged young woman at the front and the town leader and his guards bringing up the rear.

Hail and well met? No...

Halt! What is going on? No...

Instead, fizzled Charm spell at the obvious leader of the armed men, followed by the Wizard stating he's casting Sleep while the Elf states he's casting Choking Cloud on the soldiers.

Wizards rolls a natural 20. Elf rolls... a natural 20. Halfling offers to boost the sleep spell to "all hostile targets in 200'"

Now I need to have the Wizard and Elf roll initiative against each other. Wizard's sleep comes off first. Choking Cloud on the Jarl and his men follows.

32 peasants plus the ties and gagged on - asleep.

Jarl rolls nat 20 against sleep and nat 19 against the Choking Cloud - his men and their horses are not so lucky.

Jarl runs and gets chased down and killed.

Party takes no damage - not even an attack in their direction.

We end the session (which was over 2 hrs of blabbing before we kicked things off anyhow).

I have until next Saturday to figure out the new direction of the adventure.

The Doom of the Savage Kings savaged me, but it was a f'n blast to watch it play out ;)


  1. So when do they learn that the bound and gagged girl is really the evil sorceress daughter of Iggwilv?


  2. I'm a little worried this is what my players will do come Wednesday night...

    1. without those 2 nat 20's it would have been painful for the party...

  3. Yeah that's basically what happened when I ran this for my group 2 weeks ago. The PC's slaughtered the soldiers but the Jarl and the peasants escaped. Then they waited for the beast to show up and they "killed" it too. Of course my hook was that the PCs HAD to get into the town to get information that only the witch can provide. Ugh. Finally they came up with idea to petition one of the wizards patrons for help and that sent them off to ANOTHER quest. Good times.


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