Saturday, August 17, 2013

And the ENnie Winner For "Best Free Game" is... (Hint - It's an OSR Game)

The Mazes & Perils RPG - Vince and team took home the gold for best free game.

+Jon Marr from Purple Sorcerer took home the silver for Best Software for his Crawler Companion app / software for the DCC RPG (Roll20 got the gold, so you know it was a damn tight race).

Gnome Stew won gold as best website (and best blog - which seems strange but cool too) and Dungeon World grabbed gold for best rules. Lot's of other winners that I don't care much about, but you can read the list over at ENWorld.

edit: Can't find this on the ENWorld site right now, but apparently Goodman Games won the fan choice silver award for Best Publisher.


  1. Congradulations to Vince and the gang. And thanks for all you do for the OSR community!!!

  2. Thanks to everyone who supported and voted!

  3. I think that they posted about Goodman Games on twitter.

    Didn't you recommend Shadows of Esteren in one of your posts? Book 1 (Agate Editions) got:
    Best Art, Interior: Gold
    Best Production Values: Gold
    Product of the Year: Silver

    AS&SH didn't win anything? :(


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