Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thoughts on a NYC Area "PubCon"

Yesterday afternoon (and a good chunk of the evening) I hung out with +Joe D and my beautiful wife Rachel. It was her first time ever to the Complete Strategist in Manhattan. She's a trooper ;)

Afterwards, we settled into Rattle N Hum, a truly amazing NYC Pub. Great place for a bite a and few brews after some heavy "game shopping".

Anyhow, to cut to the chase, Joe brought up the idea of a NYC PubCon. We've discussed this before (while at the same pub), so it's certainly something on our minds. I can guarantee you it won't be at Rattle N Hum, as the space is limited and the cost would be more than painful.

We are still in the early stags of brainstorming this. We figure Spring 2014 at the earliest, and probably one of the outer boroughs of NYC to keep the prices down. It would also be more of an informal con I suspect than a "professionally" run one - closer to a "gameday" with adult beverages and good food. Aimed at Old School Gaming, but not limiting itself necassarily to the OSR.

The place I have in mind is blocks from the subway, easily accessible by highway and has a legit (not hourly ;) hotel within walking distance. Not sure how many would need a hotel, as this would probably be one day only at this point, but just throwing it out there.

Just trying to judge the interest in this before working out more details (like how much it may cost us and finalizing a location).

Heck, my wife even said if we move forward with this, I need to teach her how to game so she can join in ;)

We're open for input...


  1. Count me as interested! Probably drag a friend or two with me as well. Let me know what you need.

  2. If you need help, you could get volunteers to work for beer money. :p

    1. Con closest to me is run buy volunteers/donations, and it had 3,600 visitors this year.

  3. I am simply flabbergasted, flabbergasted I say, that you got married without performing the "Game Store" litmus test.
    You're one of those "reckless" cops I keep seeing in the moving picture shows aren't you?

    How often does your Lieutenant scream at you and demand your shield and your gun?

  4. Sounds fun! I would put myself in the "interested" column.

  5. Or perhaps one of the many fine beer gardens might be a thought.

  6. Not a particularly helpful contribution, but more of an observation. Here in the UK most weekly game groups are held in pubs as a matter of course. Probable reasons:

    1. More liberal alcohol laws.
    2. Most gamers are now in their 40s and use game night as buddy time away from the wife, kids, etc.
    3. Pubs usually have function rooms that they are happy to let you have for free as you are bringing in extra custom.
    4. We make bettet beer than you colonial types and can hold it :-)

  7. I live in the NYC area (work in Manhattan, live in Brooklyn), and I'd be totally down with something like this.

    There's some great places in Brooklyn that would be perfect for this--there's a beer hall in Park Slope that routinely reserves table for gaming meet-ups. I also know some out of the way joints in Manhattan that have ample table-space and great happy-hours.


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