Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Besides Frog God and Goodman Games, Are Any Other "OSR Companies" At GenCon 2013?

I know the OSR likes to punch above it's weight when it can, but off hand I can't think of anyone other than Frog God and Goodman Games seriously representing the OSR at GenCon this year.

Truth be told, I haven't been paying that close attention. It's been 20 years since my one and only GenCon (there is a post there for later) and I think it's even less about the game playing and more about the game selling these days then it was back then.

Still, I'd love to hear about the other companies / small press that are making their mark at this year's GenCon...


  1. Frog God publishes S&W, so they count as OSR

    Goodman is a matter of opinion - I put them on the OSR side of the fence myself

    1. Mechanically yeah the DCC RPG is not devired from Classic D&D. But socially they did everything possible to be part of the OSR community so they count in my book.

  2. Pacesetter has a booth. I wouldn't be surprised if Blackblade did also.

  3. The OSR Gaming Booth (#2033) has product from at least the following companies, according to a post from Bill Barsh back in July:

    Black Blade Publishing
    Faster Monkey Games
    BRW Games
    Eldritch Enterprises
    Die Cast Games
    Henchmen Abuse
    Expeditious Retreat Press (XRP)
    Judges Guild/Bernhardt Publishing
    Pacesetter Games & Simulations
    Center Stage Miniatures

    I know that Bob Bledsaw Junior and Chris Bernhardt will be personally in attendance. I do not know who will be there from the other listed companies...

    1. very good info James


    2. If you buy any of the Adventures Dark and Deep books, you can get a free pdf if you send a picture of you holding the book, or a copy of your receipt, to admin@brwgames.com.

  4. For OSR support, remember Joe Wetzel and Inkwell Ideas. That's the Dungeonmorph Dice and the newly released monster and encounter decks.

  5. Troll Lord Games will be there as well.

  6. Flying Buffalo is always there. But the are more OS than OSR.

  7. I tend to agree with Jason. Just because a company has some OSR compatible products in it's stable, does not imply that they are OSR companies or publishers.

    By that rationale, WotC is the largest OSR publisher in existence.

    1. Which is true. And should tell you something.


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