Friday, August 16, 2013

Kickstarter - Myth & Magic Player's Guide Update - Bonus Material Round 1 - New Races and New Class - or - WGAF!?!

Really, WGAF about new material when we haven't gotten the material we were promised? We were promised updates with every 10% of the M&M Player's Guides shipped - and haven't gotten an update since the first mention nearly a month ago.

I sense some Nystulian magic at work...

The update is "Backers Only" but fuck that - leaving the link to the PDF out tho:

Hello Everyone,
As part of the bonus material earned in the Kickstarter, we promised a few races and two new classes, the Runecaster and the Witch. 
For your patience, and for the general reason that we love to create cool stuff, we fleshed out ALL the popular races from the poll and we rocked the Runecaster and Witch!!! 
This first PDF contains a bunch of new stuff. Five of the six new "core" races, some monstrous races, including Thri-Kreen, and the Runecaster class. 
Next week, we'll post the Eladrin core race and the Witch core class. 
After a short time to digest your comments and playtesting, art will be laid out and the whole thing will be delivered as one big shiny PDF of Goodness.


  1. I have no idea what WGAF means but someone in the forums has received their copy.

    1. Yes. Someone got a copy. A buddy of the campaign creator.

      I still hope the books will get to the backers, but that pic of the books didn't convince me.

  2. As I said in the comments on the Kickstarter update, I wish he was spending the time on line at the post office, rather than on working on "bonus" material.

    1. The bonus material must be easier to create. Seriously though, I think the bonus material/stretch goal stuff is what causes the problems with Kickstarters. I think people get greedy with trying intice more backers, but then underestimate the amount of extra work the bonus stuff will take on top of the work still to be done on the primary project.

  3. I'm not sure about Eladrins, but at least Thri-Kreens are IP violation, and if they get C&D it'll take longer for you to get the book.

    P.S. No wonder that they added attacks of opportunity to 3.x, if casters must cast in the River Dancer pose. :p

    1. I was just thinking the same. Eladrin are also not in the SRD.

    2. I can speak from personal, intimate experience with the subject of which monsters are, and are not, OGC, that thri-kreens are *not* Open Game Content.

  4. Even Tim Brown can't use thri-kreen in his upcoming product and they were a pivotal race in the material he originally created for TSR.

    1. To be fair, it's not that hard to create a creature that is similar enough to a thri-kreen to be usable as a substitute, without using thri-kreen per se.

    2. Joseph, can you use the creatures original name in marketing, like in the above post, even if you are going to change the name?

      I'm not familiar with IP laws, so I'm just curious.



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